Orofacial Physiotherapy

The orofacial Physiotherapist is specialized in the handling of complaints that originate in or are affected by the musculoskeletal system of head, neck and neck. In the musculoskeletal system goes then to   the joints, the joint capsule , ligaments, muscles, tendons and or the nerves associated with these structures. .

Even though the jaw joint is an important area of ​​attention for the Orofacial Physiotherapist , based on the expertise of the Orofacial Physiotherapist you can also turn to him / her for the treatment of complaints and as headache, migraine and tinnitus .

A facial paralysis, facial pain and symptoms as a result of oncological (cancer) treatments are also part of the focus area where the orofacial physiotherapist can help to treat these symptoms.

For head and neck are the top three vertebrae of great importance because it is also the spinal cord is where the nerves of the head and neck their origin , therefore , this shared cervical vertebrae a good target for the treatment of complaints in this area.

Jaw problems:

The chewing system consists of the chewing muscles, the jaw joint and the teeth. The jaw joint is a more appropriate part of the skull, and that the top is inseparably connected to the vertebrae of the neck.

Without tightening the neck / neck muscles, the mouth cannot perform its functions such as talking, biting and chewing. The muscles in the neck / neck region are also active with habits (parafunctions) such as clamping, eating a lot of gum and nail biting. With intensive use this can also lead to complaints of the cervical spine and neck / neck muscles.

Most jaw patients who report to the Orofacial Physiotherapist have had complaints for some time, with the exception of acute jaw problems and are therefore usually in a circle of complaints.

Treatment options:

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